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My Story

Baby Alon

From a young age, I was fascinated by image and sound. As a little kid, I loved animation TV series - especially Japanese anime. One of the highlights of my summer vacation was watching anime movies with my two younger brothers - on Israel’s only TV channel. Little did I know that one day I would find myself working professionally on hundreds of anime episodes and movies!

In my teens I was inspired by the films of directors such as Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch and Wim Wenders. I remember walking out of the theatre after ”The Conversation“ (by Francis Ford Coppola) and realizing that sound for picture is what I really want to do.

In the mid nineties, I moved to London and enrolled in Alchemea audio engineering college, there I was trained by former BBC sound engineers and other top professionals on all the ins and outs of mixing and recording: reel to reel tape splicing, digital audio workstations, recording local bands on state of the art consoles like the SSL, completing sound to picture projects using a Euphonix CS3000 or the Yamaha 02R. In between studies I somehow also found the time to be a regular in the London underground techno scene!

Fast forward - by mid 2002 I found myself working full time at 4kids productions in NYC. 4kids was the home for many animation series and a wonderful work experience. There, I was recording and mixing the voiceover actors, sound designing and mixing promos for Fox Kids TV, and spending long hours mixing 4kids flagship shows Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

After 7 years at 4kids, I took the role of a supervising sound editor for Pokémon international at DuArt Film and Video. The work at DuArt also provided me with the opportunity to work on indie movies and reality TV shows, audiobooks, video games, and sound restoration. My projects varied: one day I’d be working on a show for MTV, and the next day recording a voiceover session with Bryan Cranston.

An interesting fact about DuArt - once a famous movie film lab (established in the 1920’s) and today a post production facility, many of New York's famous directors produced their early films at DuArt. To this day, the entire 12th floor is a storage area for thousands of unclaimed film reels.

These days I work independently and am able to combine the convenience of working from my Pro Tools studio in Brooklyn with freelance work at several studios across town. I continue to be inspired by the wealth of creativity that life in NYC provides, and look forward to working with you on your next project!

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Alon Namdar

Audio Engineer & Sound Designer


Audio post production professional with extensive experience as sound mixer, sound designer and sound editor for television, film and radio broadcast. Formats include spots, promos, series and long-form work for television; documentaries, features and shorts for film and DVD release in stereo and 5.1 surround. Particular expertise with Avid Pro Tools. Team player that delivers high quality work and function well under pressure in a deadline-driven environment.

Technical Knowledge:


Senior Sound Engineer

DuArt Fim & Video, New York NY (03/11 - 11/14)

Founded in 1922, DuArt has played a part in a long line of Hollywood and indie pics including "When Harry Met Sally," "Fargo," "She's Got to Have It" and "Down by Law," among others, and also was the film lab of CBS news operations for many years.

Duties and responsibilities included:

Senior Sound Engineer

4kids Entertainment, New York NY (06/02-08/09)

Contact: Michael Haigney, Creative Director 212 590 2100

4kids Entertainment is the name behind the success of many children’s television shows broadcasted worldwide. Including: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Teenage Mutant Ninja, Chaotic and many others.

Duties and responsibilities included:

Freelance Audio Engineer work

Park Avenue Post, New York, NY (04/14 - present)

Contact: Nigel Kettle, Managing Director 212-689-7678
Mixing and sound design for reality TV show “Take Me To Your Mother” currently airing on Nikelodeon, corporate presentations and web spots.

DubSpot Inc., New York, NY (07/11 - 12/11)

Contact: John Carluccio, Creative Director 212 242 21102
Audio editing and mixing for video tutorials and web marketing promos.

truTV, New York, NY (09/10 - 03/11)

Contact: Megan Laughlin, Operations Director 212-275-0801
Mixing and sound design for promos, documentaries, sales tapes, radio spots and show opens.

Great City Productions, New York NY (02/10 - 06/10)

Contact- Britt Myers, Owner 212-242-0664

Sound design and voiceover recording for “Robotomy”, a TV animated show to be aired on Cartoon Network.

Sound One Studios, New York NY (07/04 - 08/06)

Contact: Avi Laniado, Chief Engineer 212-603-0500

Guest Lecturer

Long Island University, Department of Creative Media, Brooklyn NY (2006-2007)
Contact- Michele Darling, Professor of Audio 646-221-9153

Was invited several times throughout a two year period to lecture and conduct workshops at the university’s Department of Creative Media.


Sound Engineering Diploma

Alchemea College, London UK (1995-1997)

Specialized in sound for post production. Trained on euphonix CS3000 and SSL G-series consoles.

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